About Me

Malte Wegmann aka. Numbra is a young composer and producer from Germany who has scored theatre, short films and video games on a small scale and released his first public album of "epic" music on every major streaming platform. He aspires to constantly improve, try new sounds, learn new techniques and better the skills he already has. He releases different kinds of music under his real name and his EDM Alias Numbra.

My Work

My first public work was the soundtrack to an interactive theatre piece set in the world of Kafka's Metamorphosis. Since the play took a new approach to tell the story of Gregor Samsa, the soundtrack did aswell. Instead of calm, classic orchestral music, it was loud and gritty.

After that I took some smaller scoring jobs to improve my skills in different styles of music like Orchestral, Hybrid, Choral, Electronic or Synth/New Wave. Most of the tracks featured on my first album Freedom are derived from this phase. Due to my experiments on Freedom, I am able to deliver a great variety of sounds and styles from huge bombastic tracks for trailers to small and silent background music.

Furthermore, I love to play live and entertain people on the stage as well as mixing other bands in live situations. project:Eden_ is a band project to melt electronic and acoustic sounds into one. We want to deliver sounds to remember and are developing our own distinctive style of Alternative/Progressive/Nu-Metal.

Right now I'm working with FeyDreamers on a video game telling the story of a boy with insomnia problems. I am glad to be able to deliver the soundtrack for this interactive-movie and we are all working hard to give you a unique and remarkable experience.

My Projects

These are my current projects:

The Inheritance Project

The Iheritance Project is the attempt of creating a soundtrack for a fictional adaption of the Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini.


Freedom is my first public album of epic music. It contains never released pieces as well as brand new tracks and re-releases of older songs.


Numbra is a DJ project focusing mainly on performing and producing electronic music like Drum'n'Bass, Downtempo, Electronica, Dub and Wave. I publish on Soundcloud, Spotify and most other big streaming plattforms.